Never A Child (2018)


“My BFA Thesis Film, Never A Child is my Grandfather’s story. Refugees during World War II, my family was exposed to the horrors of war and the survival skills necessary to live in a conflict. This is a story of survival and of love. When all that you have is your family, you will fight to provide.

When faced with the illness of his Mother in the aftermath of global war, Laszlo and his father must provide through any means necessary. In this case providing came in the form of a peculiar hunting trip. Faced with having to hunt in secrecy, my Great Grandfather came up with a creative solution. This is that story. It’s an important story. Please join me in creating a celebration of my Grandfather’s strange life and a celebration of family.”

- Zachariah Suto

Originally premiered as part of "Three Nights of Moving Light: 2018 Film/Video Senior Thesis Festival" Night Three: "Who is the Dreamer?" on May 5, 2018.    



"Brooks" Balkan as Young Laszlo

Rob Narkiewicz as Laszlo's Father

Emma Whisler as Maria

Mike Weiner as Police Officer  


Written, Directed, Edited - Zachariah Suto

Director of Photography - Ben Grant

Executive Producer - Robert Suto

Assistant Director - Luke "Crater Maker" Taylor

Gaffer/Grip - Kyle Cardoza

Grip - Jaryd Massaro

Grip - Matt Sylvester

Production Assistants - Allison Suto, Robert Suto

Craft Services - Heather Suto

Concept Art - Claudia Martin

Special Thanks To

Christina Wahlig, Saul Levine, Joe Briganti, Luther Price, Kendall Pestana, Kim Keown, Nancy Salzer, Ericka Beckman, Soon-mi Yoo, Dan & Jenny Barnard, MassArt Film/Video Department,